Friday, September 4, 2009

Seasons Change

There is a coolness in the still summer's air this morning. I hear the school buses once again in the neighborhood. Yes, my three daughters are now grown and successfully off living their own dreams but I still feel that shift of habits & rhythms of a season about to change.
A need to reorganize and examine where I am, how I am doing ..and what to do now,has kicked in. Now throw in life's little twists and turns, always unexpected and at the wrong time and you have the makings of a panic attack. But wait......I have developed a hard won coping plan.
Do you remember?

  • Ask... is it true?
  • Ask... is it working for you?
Ahhhh ..a plan of attack is already formulating. I've already taken the first steps by adding and subtracting social groups, shops, scheduling new shows and investing in new ideas.
Which venues are producing ,which are not? Am I tied to an idea or vision that is old and unproductive or can I make space for something unexpected and fresh?
Risky..yes! Exciting ...yes! Needed ...yes! Seasons change, as do we, you can either fight it and stay where you are or go with it and make your vision happen.

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