Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's in your closet?

I had just listened (again) to an audio download by Christine Kane speaking of the 5 secret power sources of your business. One point about leverage stuck in my head. It was a thought provoking point. How could I make use of what I already have and extend its use?
  1. I needed to identify just what I could leverage. Materials!
  2. What was immediately doable? New work in old frames!
I opened my closet doors and started unstuffing stuff. Long forgotten frames, mats, and glass that had past lives were just waiting in the dark to find new life. Work that could be cropped or reworked to fit the old frames completed the effort. In little time I had three newly framed works and an ACEO too!

What's in your closet, sketchbook, journal,hard drive? You already have it. Leverage it!

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Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Oh, aren't you a smart one. I listen and think 'hum, couldn't be me she's talking about'. Your post on the other hand has made me stop and think....

I've resloved myself to just quit worrying about it for now. I was getting upset and still not doing much, but now I think it's just this summer weather that has me in 'that mood', and as fall arrives I'll feel more motivated. Hope I'm right!