Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not Just Paint

Another tent show this weekend and the weather has been looking good...until now! As the clouds roll in, while I'm packing the car up with my equipment, I'm readjusting my marketing plan for the show. Do you always do the same set up , or exhibit the same work? Use the same approach to customers? How's that working for you?
This past year, in light of the economy, I've expressed how it was important to exhibit work that included a wide range of price points. How do you get that lower dollar end to work?
  • I've added Aceo's ,bookmarks, cards.... all still originals!
  • smaller matted /unframed work...originals
  • Now, I've introduced a collage activity kit (©2009 PineShoreStudio), that demonstrates my techniques with you creating your own designs!
This is my newest interactive approach. Young & old alike are tempted to pick up an offered brush, a pile of papers and join in the activity... then buy & take one home for friends & family .
So as these rain clouds sweep in, again, this season... I will not despair! I now can offer a "rainy day activity " solution for all the brave vacationers that come out to support us at our shows.

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