Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It Starts with... Hello!

Hello...or Hi ! What is so hard about saying that? If you can't even acknowledge the person standing tentatively in front of your tent at an art show, why are you there?
I've just returned from a successful but tiring 3 day Art Show in Cape May, NJ. It was successful because of my sales and being awarded 1st place in the professional watercolor category. Tiring, for many reasons, but most of all because I worked for 3 days with my potential customers! Not everyone that passes by my tent is interested... at first. I have learned to quietly engage people in my work, by demonstrating it and being friendly and open about how I go about creating it. Painting does have a beginning, middle and end.It is the story, your story,that will bring the work to life and draw meaning and reaction from someone viewing it. You may not get the sale but you have expressed yourself to some one new,perhaps to be remembered or spoken of later.
This is your store front for the day. The value of word of mouth travels fast. How sad when some one enters your tent speaking badly of another artist because they were too busy reading a book to simply look up and answer a question or even say ...Hello!


WillOaks Studio said...

It's great to hear your showing was successful! And I'm with you--the reason folks drop by is to MEET the artist AND SEE the work...together!! How sad to not be friendly and enjoy these rare opportunities!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Wow!! I am so excited for you! Happy you had such success and wish you more always!!

nyegik said...

helo my friends.....introduce me, i'm harry
is my first time to visiting here, wow ur blog is very nice with good articles, i'm glad to be here and read it....at least i found something in here to be learn

Duni said...

Congratulations on your successful show! Your words ring very true.

Helen Harris said...

Thanks to all for taking the time to say...hello!
Pass it on!

Ronnie said...

Saying hi seems pretty basic doesn't it. Love your blog. Congrats on the 1st place. Love the picture too.