Monday, June 29, 2009

Social Networking..enough already!

Well if you ever wondered at the importance of keeping up on new posts on your blog or checking on your advertising .. just go away for a few days! Today, I feel as if I'm scrambling just to get back half way to where I was a week ago.
I must admit shutting down the computer and the cell phone felt odd ,but was worth the down time to regroup. Of course my mailbox had a zillion letters when I returned. Surprisingly I was able to swiftly delete most of them....hmmmm.
I recently asked the question" Too Many Shops?"Now I'm thinking" Too Many Social Networks?
As I deleted email after email I found out exactly what sites held my attention and true interest.
How many times recently had I clicked & joined sites that I have begun deleting material unread?
Click on your browser history. Are you surprised? You may have gotten through your spring cleaning in the house...but maybe its time for a spring cleaning on your computer?
Joined too many .ning groups that really don't contribute much to your job? Did you discover that social networking can be a job in itself while your "real work" is getting less attention?
It's one thing if the internet is your job...another if it is only a means to aiding you to do your job.
Walking away from my studio,let me reenter it with a clearer picture of where I'm going.
......see ya's painting time.


WillOaks Studio said...

Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth on the "too much" observations!! Thanks for that!

artbytomas said...

Thank you for your openhearted post and just wonderful advice to walk away from own studio for getting a clearer picture of where we are going.
The circumstances that lead us into a mess can vary greatly between, yet your advice fits just perfectly to heal us in any cases.
As I walked outside, I was forced to stop talking with myself (with my canvas (with my personal projects)) and listen to other.
Wow, the listening have changed a lot in my life - the monologue was replaced by the talk.

Helen Harris said...

WillOaks ,I think it was important to put all of my clicking & socializing to "THE TEST"
"Is it working for me?" What's your answer?

Helen Harris said...

ArtbyTomas,I always look forward to your responses..thank you for listening!

Joe Hagarty said...

Wonderful watercolors - love them.

Helen Harris said...

Thank you Joe!
That post was from 2009 but still relevant today as we enter 2014.In fact I'm just going through my emails and social networks deleting the less important content.
It does pile up fast...Helen