Sunday, June 14, 2009

Art Shows: Alive & Well

Outdoor art shows are alive and well in this economy! WHAT????
Am I looking through rose colored glasses?
No...I've been out there working them. In this rainy, humid spring I have not had the quick financial success as in past years but it is a steady selling market if you have adjusted to the reality of the economy. Ahhhh.. there's the rub. So ,what do I mean when I say adjusted?
  • go prepared with a wide price range of work. I have found that everyone is simply tired of denying themselves to save every penny with no reward. A little treat for themselves at a show may be just a card or bookmark or unframed work ....It's a sale people! it will cover you entry fee!
  • talk about your work ,demonstrate your painting....people are looking for things to do this summer that won't break the workshop/demo list is growing with every show
  • Stop talking about the bad economy to the artist in the next tent! Your customer feels that negativity and hears it!They are out,having a wonderful day viewing your work for free,wanting to support you with their presence.They may not have the means right now to buy..but may later. Have a fun & interesting conversation with them...most of all thank them for coming out to see your work.

Do more shows,teach workshops,develop more product, speak positively & act accordingly. The economy will always have its cycle of up& downs but you need to move in only one direction ...forward.


WillOaks Studio said...

Excellent observations and comments!! It can be difficult to remain positive when the sales are slow, but getting noticed now IS important...for later!! Thanks for sharing.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you for this post - I needed to hear this. It has inspired me to get going and produce more and get my name out there, regardless of whether or not people are buying right now!

Helen Harris said...

WillOaks & Split Rocks...I am happy that these posts are encouraging. I think of the writing as a self -talk therapy but they are based not on hopes & dreams but on actually doing the work & watching it pay off. My definition of "a working artist" encompasses the highs & lows of earning a living at what we do. Its no different than any other business person out there struggling today.

Karen Martin Sampson said...

I am pleased to learn that art shows are alive and well as I am going to be in one this summer after a two year hiatus (doing things like building a new studio only now with the downturn I suddenly am having trouble paying for it!) I used to have commissions and my workshops filled but this past few months has been very discouraging. I feel renewed now and will venture forth again with
good cheer! Thanks.

Sharkbytes said...

I really admire you for turning an artistic bent into actual cash. I never was able to put that all together.