Monday, June 29, 2009

Social Networking..enough already!

Well if you ever wondered at the importance of keeping up on new posts on your blog or checking on your advertising .. just go away for a few days! Today, I feel as if I'm scrambling just to get back half way to where I was a week ago.
I must admit shutting down the computer and the cell phone felt odd ,but was worth the down time to regroup. Of course my mailbox had a zillion letters when I returned. Surprisingly I was able to swiftly delete most of them....hmmmm.
I recently asked the question" Too Many Shops?"Now I'm thinking" Too Many Social Networks?
As I deleted email after email I found out exactly what sites held my attention and true interest.
How many times recently had I clicked & joined sites that I have begun deleting material unread?
Click on your browser history. Are you surprised? You may have gotten through your spring cleaning in the house...but maybe its time for a spring cleaning on your computer?
Joined too many .ning groups that really don't contribute much to your job? Did you discover that social networking can be a job in itself while your "real work" is getting less attention?
It's one thing if the internet is your job...another if it is only a means to aiding you to do your job.
Walking away from my studio,let me reenter it with a clearer picture of where I'm going.
......see ya's painting time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Art Shows: Alive & Well

Outdoor art shows are alive and well in this economy! WHAT????
Am I looking through rose colored glasses?
No...I've been out there working them. In this rainy, humid spring I have not had the quick financial success as in past years but it is a steady selling market if you have adjusted to the reality of the economy. Ahhhh.. there's the rub. So ,what do I mean when I say adjusted?
  • go prepared with a wide price range of work. I have found that everyone is simply tired of denying themselves to save every penny with no reward. A little treat for themselves at a show may be just a card or bookmark or unframed work ....It's a sale people! it will cover you entry fee!
  • talk about your work ,demonstrate your painting....people are looking for things to do this summer that won't break the workshop/demo list is growing with every show
  • Stop talking about the bad economy to the artist in the next tent! Your customer feels that negativity and hears it!They are out,having a wonderful day viewing your work for free,wanting to support you with their presence.They may not have the means right now to buy..but may later. Have a fun & interesting conversation with them...most of all thank them for coming out to see your work.

Do more shows,teach workshops,develop more product, speak positively & act accordingly. The economy will always have its cycle of up& downs but you need to move in only one direction ...forward.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Balancing Act!

. My last post "Too Many Shows?!" drew the most comments that I've ever received on a post . Thank you to all that took the time to reply.
Balancing the time to market in all these shops v. producing the work to have full venues goes to the heart of the matter. It wouldn't matter if you had 1,2 or more venues ...if you can keep up quality & quantity.
In the last week I've booked 2 exhibits and was accepted into 2 more outdoor shows...and I have 2 more applications out there. Is it possible that my ability to market is out pacing my painting?Painting originals has its draw backs at moments like this.As I see it, as long as it 's the sale of paintings that presents an inventory problem ,that's a good sign. If it is simply not painting enough to meet each commitment that's just a problem that needs to be solved. Time management....just moved to the top of my marketing list but how does it correspond to my creativity? I'll never forget a line from Edna Wagner Piersol in her book "Living by your Brush Alone".." any artist who waits to be inspired is likely to be a starving artist.I'm inspired to eat three times a day,so my brush has to be inspired to move at least three times a day." lol.....its lunch time...see ya!