Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things Change...

Another show come & gone..this one was sunny and I received an Honorable Mention Award! I even sold a painting that I was working on during the show! All good ..but...
I do feel I've reached a plateau at the moment. Hmmmm...change is in the air. If I hesitate ..I'll be in this same spot mentally, creatively, and financially this time next year.

Time to make some changes.
Learning how to market my artwork on line as well as in my daily public contact is an on going process. Taking the time to listen to a number of artists that I've come to know both on the internet as well as through art associations has resulted in a need to adapt some of my methods. Soooo.. I'm going to be busy,going over basics, readjusting ,reevaluating. It's back to the drawing board and hopefully more success!

A quick note here to my followers ...I'm in the process of changing over my web site host and my site will be down for a few days.

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Robin Maria Pedrero said...

You got it girl "nothing changes if nothing changes" **smiles***Congats!!!