Friday, February 27, 2009

You Can't Do It All

Multi-tasking...revisited! There was a day when all nighters were possible.

I managed home,family, 9-5 job and still painted throughout the early morning hours.

Yes, that was then ...this is now.

The now is a result of putting into practice my blog of January 9, "Is It Working for You?"

Since then, I have kept the phrase "working artist" in front of me ..literally. I have it written on my bulletin board. Reminding me that my painting is my business, not a hobby or something to do between jobs.With this in mind, streamlining my day has been at the top of my list.

You can't do it all! As much as I may wish it, I have to admit the first thing to go is multi-tasking.

Be it age, energy, or just getting better at working smarter , focusing on the task at hand has reaped far greater benefits and results recently than all the years of juggling a multitude of tasks at one time. It will be a different set of skills and tasks for each of us.

Today, look at your list. Find what needs your greatest attention and do just that! Thoroughly ,completely, excellently.....mission accomplished. kind to yourself, relax, play ...knowing it was a good day of work.


Duni said...

I used to have so much energy ten years ago. I was a multi-tasking pro! You're so right. It's best to concentrate on one major thing and get it accomplished perfectly.

Krys Pettit said...

good words to chew on -- I work 8-5 and try to paint and exhibit -- it works but it is sometimes so stressful -- thanks for the thoughts.
BTW I love this piece -- is it watercolor and collage?

Helen Harris said...

Krys..this work is a mixed media, worked on clayboard with watercolor & goauche.The textures are torn watercolor paper, unryu and grasses.
Rainbow Ridge
image size 5"H x7"W

Gregorio said...

In this post you have said it so well.They're all the things I have thought,but yet to put into practice.Got to do it.I am currently recovering from a wrist surgery and waiting for the other one.This is slowly driving me mad and making it hard to initiate this into my life.
Thanks for putting these thoughts into words.Love the mixed media projects you have created.Take care.

Helen Harris said...

Gregorio..I wish you a speedy recovery! I've broken my left wrist 2x and I'm a lefty! my sympathies.

Ronnie said...

Thanks for the reminder. So true. You're a wise one, you are. Thanks for what you do here. Love the beautiful mixed media.
If you're interested, there's a giveaway at the weird and mystical Sandy Mistroni's blog this week. Celebrating 200 sales! Her work is interesting to say the least!