Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Dear...An Interview !

I spent this morning filling out my answers to an interview form for a blog site. I had originally received it on Monday but quickly found myself procrastinating in filling it out. You'd think I'd
jump at the opportunity to be interviewed and promote myself and my painting. After all , that is the name of the game here on the Internet . It seemed like a good idea when I answered the request, voluntarily,from an offer by the blogger! Lol ...

I often stand before a crowded room of artists to do a demonstration or teach a workshop. I've been told , I give quite a comic stand up routine as I teach! A written Q&A on myself, now ,that's another story ...

So, today was my deadline. I did it! Now, I know why I read all those self help coaching books and skip over the written lists and exercises! The intention is always good, but I really don't like to pin down my thought process,and verbalize answers to what is a creative, visual, response .... ( ahem.... or recognize my faults.)

I must say,it really did help to do it. The interview clarified my way of working, its influences,charting my process and even showing me my long road to success ! Give it a try . Interview yourself. You may be surprised by what you learn!

Hmmm ...I think I'll give those books a second look, maybe even do an exercise now.


Lenox Knits said...

I feel the same way. I've missed a few oportunities for promotion by not filling out a q & a interview. I don't know why but it seemed to much effort. Silly I know.

Audrey said...

It is hard to talk about ones self isn't it? The first time I volunteered for a feature I thought it was a great idea to get myself out there - till I got the list of questions. Oh my - It's much easier to do the feature that be the feature.

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your site, I found all of your post to be interesting and have bookmarked the site. The artwork is outstanding.

Tomas Karkalas said...

I totally agree with you. As you have noticed, the interview has the tremendous impact on the perception of our being here and now. Yet it is great difference in our responses that depend on the way we give them (either we were asked to respond, or just talk ... with ourselves- with the wall) So while talking about Modus Vivendi (the art rehabilitation club for the people with the psychiatric disorders), I rejoice over the sunny colors that flow out from the touch with the beauty, but when I blog (share my personal diary - interview myself) its become much harder to hide the tears. Yes, my life may be named the miracle. I was returned to life after the terrible crash of my head bones, but since then I became the disabled for life. Does anybody needs my confessions on why I am impotent to support my own activity?
When I share my joy for others, the flowers blossom allover, yet while interviewing myself I inescapably step into the complaints for my just viewing the life.

Your ending is just "wow!" indeed. You wrote: "Interview yourself. You may be surprised by what you learn!"
I have learned the difference between the words of love and the love that needs no words but the love.