Monday, February 2, 2009

Art Show ... 2009

It is NOT business as usual, but...if you go prepared with an understanding of the reality of the economic situation will sell your work. I found small to sparse attendance through out the three day show. Thanks to the chatter on Twitter,Facebook,many art blogs & forums I was able to make the necessary adjustments that gave me the selling edge I needed.Appreciative and encouraging of my efforts,browsers and shoppers alike enjoyed a day out to view art , and readily engage in conversation while watching me demonstrate my techniques in front of my display. I brought my framed work ,but included a wide price point range for framed as well as
simply matted pieces. Since I work in originals only,not having the luxury of reproductions, I displayed original cards and bookmarks as well.
This approach was successful. People want to buy. They do not want to continue to feel deprived nor depressed by the current economic fear.
They are cautious and frugal but willing to spend a little. Many small sales added up by the end of the show . By demonstrating my work I made connections with a number of customers requesting workshops,and classes that I will be following up. I had sale of a larger framed work today from a customer that browsed the show and decided to buy afterall.
Though I overheard many a "doomsday" conversation from one artist to another,particularly that they are cutting back on their show schedules ..I have decided to go forward with an aggressive schedule. I feel now is the time to step forward not backward! I feel the customer I connect with now,will , in better times, return more readily in the future.


Ronnie said...

Finding your blog was like hitting PAY DIRT!!! What a wealth of level headed, why didn't I think of that info. I will be your stalker, I mean student. Thanks. And thanks again.
I'll be back.
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia

Helen Harris said...

I appreciate your enthusiastic response to my blog & hope you do come back time & again. I have learned so much from other artists blogs that I feel compelled to give back from my own experiences so that I may pay it forward.

Gregorio said...

As an artist myself,I love your attitude and couldn't agree more.Good luck with your endeavors.