Friday, February 27, 2009

You Can't Do It All

Multi-tasking...revisited! There was a day when all nighters were possible.

I managed home,family, 9-5 job and still painted throughout the early morning hours.

Yes, that was then ...this is now.

The now is a result of putting into practice my blog of January 9, "Is It Working for You?"

Since then, I have kept the phrase "working artist" in front of me ..literally. I have it written on my bulletin board. Reminding me that my painting is my business, not a hobby or something to do between jobs.With this in mind, streamlining my day has been at the top of my list.

You can't do it all! As much as I may wish it, I have to admit the first thing to go is multi-tasking.

Be it age, energy, or just getting better at working smarter , focusing on the task at hand has reaped far greater benefits and results recently than all the years of juggling a multitude of tasks at one time. It will be a different set of skills and tasks for each of us.

Today, look at your list. Find what needs your greatest attention and do just that! Thoroughly ,completely, excellently.....mission accomplished. kind to yourself, relax, play ...knowing it was a good day of work.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Just Paper!

Take 1 artist + canvas/paper
wet ingredients: watercolor, gouache,acrylic and inks +
dry ingredients: torn paper,papyrus, unryu papers, bark papers,mango & banana papers,
ogura lace
spatter with 23k gold, glass beaded gel, blended fiber gel

Mix well, spread with brush ,knife & fingers
let dry
have great expectations & a sense of humor......... PaintersBrew date March 1st!

Monday, February 23, 2009


The cold wind is whipping by my studio windows, the sun light is crisp & clear. This is the time of my discontent. My brush splays and I rip up another work. I've learned to just keep painting ,ignoring the critic that howls louder than the wind from within. Color, splash,bold strokes judgement just movement...I think I can ..I think I can.....paint!
Gull's Play ( Aceo ) new posting on Etsy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Dear...An Interview !

I spent this morning filling out my answers to an interview form for a blog site. I had originally received it on Monday but quickly found myself procrastinating in filling it out. You'd think I'd
jump at the opportunity to be interviewed and promote myself and my painting. After all , that is the name of the game here on the Internet . It seemed like a good idea when I answered the request, voluntarily,from an offer by the blogger! Lol ...

I often stand before a crowded room of artists to do a demonstration or teach a workshop. I've been told , I give quite a comic stand up routine as I teach! A written Q&A on myself, now ,that's another story ...

So, today was my deadline. I did it! Now, I know why I read all those self help coaching books and skip over the written lists and exercises! The intention is always good, but I really don't like to pin down my thought process,and verbalize answers to what is a creative, visual, response .... ( ahem.... or recognize my faults.)

I must say,it really did help to do it. The interview clarified my way of working, its influences,charting my process and even showing me my long road to success ! Give it a try . Interview yourself. You may be surprised by what you learn!

Hmmm ...I think I'll give those books a second look, maybe even do an exercise now.

Monday, February 16, 2009


This morning as I was dropping my Entrecards on my favorite art blogs and searching for new Project Wonderful ads,the subject of ACEOs kept cropping up. I've enjoyed this format and thought I'd feature one of my favorites that I created for my Etsy shop.This is "pocket" artwork. Affordable, collectible "Art Cards, Editions and Originals" (ACEO), are 2.5"H x 3.5"W - for horizontal: 2.5"W x 3.5"H for vertical,the size of a trading card.
This is an original,hand painted mixed media ACEO. It is mounted on black archival mat board with a red solid core and is signed on the back and dated.This piece is multi layered in various rice papers, papyrus,and 23k gold leaf with chinese coin.Place it in a space on a table easel,or frame it. Best of all .. . use it as a focal point for your meditations .sold
Meditations & it's companion piece Meditations 2 are available for purchase @ PineShoreStudio

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Never Know..

For those who question my sanity in painting original work for little return with Artomat
(see my past archives) Here is a letter that I received that makes it worth it!
Dear Helen,
What a serendipitous magical world this is.!!I purchased one of your art-o-mat pieces at the Doylestown Public Library in Pennsylvania.
This is a long story, but I have to tell it.
It begins at Christmas, or rather after Christmas, sometime in January.I went to visit my parents post holiday because my dad was in the hospital over Christmas.So I went down to see them and spend some time with them. My mom gave me a pair of slippers with butterflies on them, because I raise Monarch butterflies. Unfortunately they were a size small, so I had to return them. The shipping was $5.00. My mom sent me two five dollar bills in the mail, to reimburse me for the postage. Since it only cost$5.00 to ship the slippers back, I had an extra $5.00. I was on my way out to the library when her letter came. I stuck the bills in my pocket and off I went.I returned a few DVD's, got a couple more. As I was waiting in line to check out, I spied the art-o-mat. I am a fan and long familiar with it. The thought popped into my head, with that extra $5. I will buy a token and choose a piece and send it to a friend of mine who is in Iraq. He is an artist also, as I, and has been blue about not being able to make art. We talked about collaborating on a piece and sending it back and forth between us, but alas, the idea never left the ground.So what a better way to bouy his spirits than to send him an Art-O-Mat piece !! Small, portable and lightweight.I got my token and stood like a little kid in front on the machine. I used to buy smokes from these machines back in the day. Loved that ka-thunk sound !Looking over the selections, I let my intuition guide me. I looked left and right, saw a few things, then spied a lovely tree. My friend in Iraq loves trees and I gave him a small silver charm that was a tree that I had gotten at an artist swap. He wears it around his neck on a necklace of protection that I made for him. The tree was to remind him that he has roots and that he is strong and he will safely return to his own beloved trees and his family. It was your tree that I was looking at. Though I knew that I may not get that tree, I decided to pull the level. Out came this beautiful piece that reminded me of the shore with gulls flying over a beach. It evoked a few memories. I put it in my bag and headed for home.Later that evening I looked at the back of your piece and decided to look up your web site. I almost fell over when I saw that you paint the Jersey Shore. Then when I saw that your studio is in Toms River, I knew I had to tell you this story.I am a Jersey girl, now living in Pennsylvania. I used to go "down the shore" all the time.My friend in Iraq lives in Howell and my parents live in Toms River and I have family strewn like flotsam and jetsam up and down the Jersey coast. Isn't it magical how a $5.00 bill from Toms River has translated itself into a painting from Toms River that is going across the world to a guy who loves the Jersey shore and has spent time with this Jersey girl on the dunes in Island Beach State Park, which is the memory your piece evokes for me.Wow.... this world is an amazing place and all kind of magical things happen. Another just did !Thanks for your work. Jim is going to love it and this story !
Best Regards,Loretta Shigo

Monday, February 2, 2009

Art Show ... 2009

It is NOT business as usual, but...if you go prepared with an understanding of the reality of the economic situation will sell your work. I found small to sparse attendance through out the three day show. Thanks to the chatter on Twitter,Facebook,many art blogs & forums I was able to make the necessary adjustments that gave me the selling edge I needed.Appreciative and encouraging of my efforts,browsers and shoppers alike enjoyed a day out to view art , and readily engage in conversation while watching me demonstrate my techniques in front of my display. I brought my framed work ,but included a wide price point range for framed as well as
simply matted pieces. Since I work in originals only,not having the luxury of reproductions, I displayed original cards and bookmarks as well.
This approach was successful. People want to buy. They do not want to continue to feel deprived nor depressed by the current economic fear.
They are cautious and frugal but willing to spend a little. Many small sales added up by the end of the show . By demonstrating my work I made connections with a number of customers requesting workshops,and classes that I will be following up. I had sale of a larger framed work today from a customer that browsed the show and decided to buy afterall.
Though I overheard many a "doomsday" conversation from one artist to another,particularly that they are cutting back on their show schedules ..I have decided to go forward with an aggressive schedule. I feel now is the time to step forward not backward! I feel the customer I connect with now,will , in better times, return more readily in the future.