Saturday, January 24, 2009

Preaching to the Choir?

You have updated your web site, increased your blogging, added Project Wonderful ads, Entrecard, Adsense, and an affiliate, increased your traffic........have you had a sale?
I ask this quite openly. I hope you will respond in kind.
Yesterday I was reading : Do You Want Traffic or Do You Want to Sell Art? by Clint Watson from Fine Art Views Daily Newsletter ISSUE #304 - (Sponsored by FineArtStudioOnline).
It stopped my clicking from site to site. I paused and thought about this question. I checked my newly available google analytics provided by my Artfire and Etsy shops.
Hmmm... 1 sale on Etsy, 0 from Artfire.
Are we simply talking to each other?Are we reaching outside of our "art circles" and talking to any buyers? Are we just preaching to the choir?
Your thoughts ,please.....(lol...and please click away on my sponsers ! )


Anonymous said...

Exactly what I have been pondering recently. We do seem to be talking to each other and not prospective buyers. What to do.

Some say by blogging, using twitter and having a web presence, it helps your ratings in google. While this does work to some extent, more has to be done to promote traffic to potential buyers. As yet I have not come up with a light bulb moment but I'm pondering the problem.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I frequently assess who, why,& what I am talking about on web 2.0. I consciously seek relationships with non - artists as well as artists. I join interest groups that are not art related but which I am sincerely interested in.

Youvegotmaille said...

I saw some decent sales during Christmas, but it's slowed down.

I think networking and web presence is essentially to selling online, but it's not ALL that's needed (for example, if you don't take good pictures, you will not sell). And I also think that fellow artists will sometimes (and often do) buy what I'm selling, especially if their talent is in a different area.

But there IS definitely a balance to be struck between web time maintaining all of this, and time you could be spending creating.

Helen Harris said...

I agree and my balancing includes doing art shows such as the 3 day show I have this weekend. I'm still very disappointed with the lack of sales on Artfire, though pleased with their efforts. I'm gaining sales with Etsy but feel it necessary to hold back on my larger work there.

Lenox Knits said...

You have a point. But since many of us are focused in different areas than it's not in vain I believe. Also those of us who sell are creations are generally more likely to buy from other artisans.

lisa winter said...

i think this is a good thing to think about. and at what time do we no longer make any art. do we spread ourselves so thin that we aren't doing anything as well as we can. i'm starting to focus on the things that really matter and trying to leave some of the other things behind.