Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have at it!

Much like stretching before exercising, pull out an old "failed" painting and just "have at it". I stated this in my last blog. Robin Maria Pedrero commented "...PS recently learned a "failed" piece can be labeled a study, where we learned something."

I can't tell you how many times I've told my workshop students or demonstrated that these amazingly poor paintings can emerge as accomplished work. How often have you given up on a piece too soon?After that question ,please ask yourself ,"Why?"

Now switch that thinking to "Why not?"and simply pick up a new color, tear some rice paper,dip into acrylics,slash a broad pastel stroke across that muddled tone. Rebuild, reshape that composition and have at it!

" The amateur is afraid of boldness,the professional is afraid of timidity."-Ed Whitney


Anonymous said...

Love your tenacity and "don't give up" attitude. We all have those moments of feeling the whole thing is just one big failure and we need to start again. You also can often salvage part of a painting to make a smaller painting or a greeting card.

Susie said...

I like the idea of recycling your paintings! I recycle a lot of my misprints from my note cards and reuse my misprints of notepads as well. Enjoy the Artfire world!

Helen Harris said...

Bookmarks,cards,tags and Aceos..all often by products of larger paintings that have been "recycled". Most of my paintings have bits and pieces of older work as I collage them into a textured surface. Thanks to Jean and susie for your comments. Anyone else have ideas for "failed" paintings?