Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forward & Backward

This morning a prospectus for an art show venue arrived in the mail. I was pulled up short when I realised that I may be overlooking the efforts from the past that I have already established and had success. Over the years there have been countless shows, some worked some didn't. In times of economic security it is easy to dismiss those sites that weren't quite lucretive,but can we now?Looking over my notes that I keep on each show,I reviewed why I may have chosen not to do it again in following years .Was it weather, other commitments ,lack of crowds, bad publicity,too new? Have circumstances changed? It does pay to be choosey, to know your sites but some deserve a second look. Go back, rethink, and perhaps retry these venues. Crowds, weather, economy all are subject to change.I've been focused on marketing in new venues of late when perhaps a look backwards will bring me forward too.


Martha Marshall said...

Helen, this is exactly the thought process I'm going through right now too. Our critique group had a goals workshop exactly a year ago, always with the plan to evaluate our individual progress after a year. I suspect my goals will need a rewrite.

Lenox Knits said...

very good advice. I am really just getting started with the different venues around here but I wrote many of them off last year as being too small to be worth the effort. I'm really thinking I will be adding a few small local shows to next years list. Many people have said that those have been their best sales.