Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Don't Do That"

I'm struggling this morning with a new painting. It's cold, and rainy outside my studio window. Many of my friends are getting hit with snowstorms ...and my painting is reflecting the snowy, cold day. The problem? I was rereading " Learn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way"by Ron Ranson, and I came across a quote by Whitney "You make me look where nothing happens...Don't do that!"

Hmmm...How often does a painting fail because the focal point ( if we even ever had one) was simply..blah. After all the the focal point is the center of interest ,the expression, the reason you painted the scene. Right?
How often do you find yourself lost while painting? What do you do?Do you toss it, get discouraged? Don't do that!

I go back to my basics. Over the years I've collected a library of books and reference materials.
Now the internet can provide access to articles. Haven't read or reread your books lately?
I paint every day. I struggle to stretch beyond what I've done previously.
I take advantage of those who have gone before me...and learn . I wish you an ah-ha moment today.

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