Friday, January 2, 2009

Do not disturb..I'm painting!

There was a time when I would take a break from my painting and go on line to relax and explore the internet. LOL! Lately I've had to literally shut the computer down so I can take a break and PAINT. My goal this year is to be my best art rep,which translates to a ramping up of marketing skills . If you've been following my last few blogs, you'll see the result of much clicking and learning . To all who have had a hand in my education..thank you.
Quite honestly, I could shut down a whole communication center simply by walking into it! I feared computers and their mysterious ways for a long time. Now..I have the joy of working from my studio and marketing internationally . Wow! I'm still astounded by that and I'm grateful.
B..u..t.. right now I'm going to grab some coffee, shut this down and paint. Simply put...
"You can't sell ,what you don't make!"

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