Monday, January 12, 2009


I have devoted the first week and a half of this New Year 2009 to many computer related activities. Marketing my work on the web has taken about 75% of my time. I've read many articles that stress ( hmm ..good choice of word) that it is time well spent these days, in fact necessary....but ...I'm getting cranky. I'm not in the business of marketing ,or a computer geek.I am an artist. I need to paint. The lack of daily painting has left me feeling out of sorts and uneasy facing a blank paper. My brushes feel like 2 x 4's and my paints have dried out on my palette. Panic ? No! I've learned to be kind to myself and simply work my way through the uncomfortable beginnings of work. Much like stretching before exercising, pull out an old "failed" painting and just "have at it". Really, I have nothing to lose. If it gets worse, ok, ..but there is always a chance it could succeed. What an opportunity to take unexpected risks,a new color combination,new format,textures, composition. You get the idea. I'm not looking for a finished piece just refocusing on the activity of my painting. Ahh.......relief!


Anonymous said...

Know just how you feel. My techie son assured me I needed to market my paintings using blogs, flickr, facebook, twitter etc. I spent most of December doing this and had no time to paint.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I am the same way! I was up at midnight painting last night becasue I'd had no time during the day. PS recently learned a "failed" piece can be labeled a study, where we learned something

Helen Harris said...

Lol, looks like I'm not alone trying to find balance in marketing computer time and painting! Thanks for the company!
Btw Robin ,a "failed" painting was how I found my style of "stress free", method.