Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are you click happy?

After doing my paperwork for this month, I started clearing out my 2008 files and setting up the 2009. I then shifted from my "paper work " to my computer files. Oh dear! What a mess! Admittedly, there was a time I could walk into a room with computers and they would simply shut down. It was scary. Finally I became adept and at least being capable of some basic skills. As they say ..."a little knowledge....". Oh! I have all the makings of a computer disaster just waiting to happen. Back ups ...uh...files scattered ..hmmmm.... now where is that photo and what group was that?
I hadn't realized how many bookmarks, rss feeds, groups and sites that I've clicked while learning how to navigate the Internet. Guess what I'll be doing this week?
My last post is nudging me to take my own advice again! Is it working for you?
Time spent cleaning up and organizing will definitely speed up my desk time and let me have more painting time..and isn't that the point! Don't know where to start?
I'd Rather be in the Studio by Alyson Stanfield is a great blue print to help you get going in 2009. As in anything you only learn by doing it!
...think before you delete!!!!!

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