Friday, September 12, 2008

Answers & Appreciation

I just completed answering questions for an upcoming interview with Ralph Serpe of CreativeSpotlite
Situations like this always give me an opportunity to really think about just how and why I got to where I am. Sometimes I am surprised when I read back my answers. I have found mentors, read books and articles,attended and given demonstrations never realizing just how much I've absorbed over the years and now pass along to other painters.
It was in this frame of mind today that I tackled the difficulties in a painting that I feel has great potential but isn't quite there yet. There was a time when I wouldn't have even seen the problems let alone try to solve them!So I went back to basics. I remembered all the sage advice, the examples and and experiments that others have discovered and shared along their journey. I found my path again. I hope sharing my ideas and questions ,in my blogs, interviews and demonstration will one day find a way to the margin notes of another painter and give them the same "ah-ha!" feeling that I have known through the kindness of others. I thank you all for blazing that trail before me and know that when I go off the beaten path I can always find my way back because of the markers you left behind.


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I saw you on twitter. I like what you say in this post. It is so true how we do absorb what we study. I am going to read your interview. I am being interviewed by a journalist in Italy so I hope to gain something from your interview.

Helen Harris said...

Thanks Robin! good luck on your interview too. Twitter has put me in touch with many new friends and business associates. Another thing to learn but helpful.