Friday, August 22, 2008

Pricing an opinion?

I've been invited by a local artist group to give a lecture on "pricing your artwork." It is a subject that brings heated discussion and varied answers. I do not want this to be a speech based solely on my opinions and methods. I have been compiling information from the web and by interviewing a number of artists. If you have a formula or experienced the angst of pricing and wish to share your point of view,write a short comment and submit it to this blog. I thank you for sharing and will give credit to you in my lecture should I quote your opinion or site your source.


Krys Pettit said...

Greetings from the Florida coast, Helen! You say "down the shore", we say "at the beach"--either way, isn't it wondeful!
Ref you concern on pricing -- always, always, an issue for me -- even in the early stages of my art career (where I am right now). I do not have formulas --I price based on what I see other pieces sell around here -- it's a soft market and watercolor always seems to be selling at lesser prices (not having the same cache as oil). Love your work and I do wish you much success. Would love to hear your final pricing decisions.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hi Helen, I just found your blog - what a treat.

I price by the square inch. I started out at $1.00 a square inch and have worked my way up VERY gradually. The smaller works (5" x 7" and under) I charge $3.00 a square inch. The larger paintings are around the $1.00 price. Then of coarse I add the cost of the matting and frameing. This works very well for me and I seem to be right in there with other artists price range.

Love your work... I'll return.

Lisa said...

My opinion - make it simple. Complicated systems are hard to stick to. I price by the square foot, which is very simple.

My other opinion - keep them consistent. The piece should have the same price not matter where it is being sold.