Friday, July 11, 2008

Outside of the Box?

SeaShells: blank card /envelop available :

It is very difficult not to buy into the prevalent view that the economy is getting worse daily. It is especially hard when you are an artist, in the studio...alone. The "product" we create is not esssential to survival ( although that's a matter of opinion). It's not food,clothing, or transportation. Paintings fall into that luxury niche. The sales of higher priced,framed work is certainly suffering right now. Ask any artist that has survived a hot,humid outdoor show this summer. Browsing is a form of inexpensive entertainment with no need to spend that cash.
What to do? Be flexible. Think outside of the box. How can you market your work in an affordable way that will be approachable for your customer?
I've been on the internet non stop lately (though I've sorely neglected this blog). Social networking,marketing articles and sites and possible new ventures have opened up some avenues for me and perhaps they will be a lead for you too.
1. I've opened my own online shop :
This shop is currently offering small original paintings and cards @ affordable prices. (see above)
2. I've become an affiliate for, a fine site for marketing info and help:

3. I'm active in forums and following up on other artists links. The old saying "who you know"
still applies.
4. ......and I'm painting ,daily. I have a little sign that came from ArtBiz:
Believe in your art.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in your goals. ...

a few sales would help too !