Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Try and Try Again!

1st version & 2nd version

Here I am trying to get back to my former schedule and prolific work and WHAM! my art representiative sends back 3 paintings for revision. This an arrangement we do have if a painting is not selling after a long time. Some artists may bristle at this. I came from a commercial arts background and revisions were the "norm" when dealing with a client.I feel it is the same in this case. My objective is to make the sale for myself, for my rep. A second look is not a bad thing .In most cases, I can improve a painting with a little tweak here and there. Some times ...not! That's why I've shown the two success. The third piece has been trashed and a new one went out in it's place. I learned a very important lesson long ago from my anatomy drawing professor. After drawing what I believed was the best possible figure ,he promptly took charcoal in hand and slashed left and right ,up and down with corrections. My in take of breath was audible and he turned and gave me my life lesson as an artist. He said," If you feel every line you draw is sacred ,then you haven't worked enough!" Humbling, yes! As my children say, "Get over it!"

I am a WORKING ARTIST, and proud of the efforts I make.

1st version & 2nd version

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