Friday, February 29, 2008


Today an unexpected opportunity came my way......and I didn't take it. I think I've finally have reached that point in identifying just what it is that I want, need, to do, to be. I've worked at many jobs, for many reasons. I did my best to keep focusing and refocusing on my end goal. Life it will do..often got in the way. It did again ,but this time it is enabling me to get exactly what I've desired. I am at home caring for my father but I am also able to use the hours left in a day to paint. I feel I've been making choices all along to be prepared for this day. Now, facing it , can I seize it? I hesitated at the thought of getting sidetracked ,again, by another job even if it seemed to be an interesting opportunity. That is no way to embark on something new. I could feel the energy drain right out of me and it returned when I turned down the offer. I may revisit this offer in the future but right now......brush in hand, I paint.

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