Friday, October 26, 2007

Pinging and Alerts

The internet is a never ending wealth of education. I have found newsletters and artist blogs that share their personal artistic insights and good ,solid information. Using Google Alerts has helped me track my marketing effectiveness and subjects of interest. An article in gave me the simple steps and easy explanation of these alerts and "pinging" the search engines and increasing the traffic to my blog and web site. Little by little the marketing of my work on line is strengthening, reaching a wider audience than is possible through a gallery location.
I do miss the direct feedback in speaking with a customer in my art tent or in the galleries. I have made a point of leaving comments on other art blogs and I hope that you will too. Your comments are appreciated.
This painting, " Journey" is currently on display in Ocean Grove .NJ. You can easily contact the gallery for further information,

SOLD 11/3/07

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