Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Demo vs. Workshop

Attend a demonstration and a workshop with a purpose!

I have recently been involved in both venues, as the invited artist.I am speaking from my varied experiences from each group of participents.

The Demo:

This is definitely a performance on the part of the artist. A performance that requires an audience whose purpose is to discover the information that is being offered that will add to what is already known. Hopefully, in an entertaining manner, that artist will communicate the
techniques, materials, thought process,by which their work is achieved. I ask that you consider this a sampling ,an appetizer, a taste, if you will , so that you can chose to continue to learn more or disregard what this particular artist has to offer.

The Workshop:

You have, at this point, chosen to participate in actively learning the techniques that have been of interest to you. Quite frankly, you have paid for a lesson. This is a "hands on" session .The artist is coaching, one on one , guiding you to build on a foundation of what you already paint and introduce a new element.

Whereas you have listened and perhaps had a question or two in a demonstration,now you are involved in the act of painting. You have placed yourself , with purpose , in an unfamiliar experience with the intention of changing a known method for the methods that you have already tried. This is your entree, the fullness of a dining experience.

As the artist , my joy and frustration is what comes next.......dessert! The participent that listened with interest in a demonstration, actively participated in the experience of the workshop was able to bring to their own work a fresh viewpoint. Whether or not they choose to add this to their work is not the point. The richnesss of the dessert was experienced.

The participent that resisted any direction other than what they already knew did not add to their knowledge ,simply going through the motions and routines.Perhaps the dessert was too rich?
Does this blog sound as if I have some issues with demo's and workshops? Yes! Let today's blog be my introduction to a continuing dialogue about teaching painting. I'd like to receive comments from my readers, both teacher/coaches and attendees.

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