Sunday, August 26, 2007


So...I found out what happens when my cat decides to sleep on my open lap top! What were the chances that her two paws would hit the exact two keys at the same moment and delete my wireless network? Rare ...but it happened. How does this relate to my blog ? What happens when a well intentioned friend repeats a comment from a customer and totally wipes out your momentum in painting ? Rare ..but it happened. Everything was going along smoothly, sales ,good reviews, steady hours in the studio and BLAM!! Just as the cat shut down my computer ,so did the comments.It took time and patience and help from a friend to get the wireless up and running again and it took the same to get me painting again. The cat was trying to get my attention and so was my customer. My muse stated that the comment wasn't important ,only how I responded to it. The cat found a sunnier spot .....and so did I.

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