Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ever Watchful

The subject of an old lighthouse is a favorite for many of my customers. This particular piece is 16" x 18" and is painted on a surface called yupo.

Yupo is a biaxial-oriented substrate, a synthetic.Basically it is a plastic surface that is acid free and archival.It allows paint to sit upon rather than be absorbed into the surface. This allows for a very fluid affect to the brush stroke. The image can be "moved"and "removed" with just a touch of a damp brush.I have found this to be excellent for the subject matter of grasses, sand and water.
As an artist , I find this to be a playful surface and and it
is great for loosening up, and trying out ideas.
Ever Watchful" will be available at my next show
July 14-27 @ Picture Perfect Gallery, Toms River, NJ
Call 732-929-3636 for further information .

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