Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finally launched!

I've waited a long time to blog. Reading other blogs by many artist has encouraged me to give this a try. The final push came after discovering Alyson Stanfield's
Her marketing approach is very pro-active and common sense....and blogs are a means to the end.
My blog title states that I am a daily painter but a Sunday blogger...hmmm . I have recently joined with a very hard working art rep, who is selling my work well.

That situation plus a very active show and demonstration schedule keeps me painting at a fast pace.Bloggging takes time. Is it valuable? I've truly learned alot about the internet, marketing and networking with many artist that have great ideas.....but the painting comes first!
I hope you will visit with comments, click on my web site ...and I'll get back to you next Sunday!


lana said...

Helen, congratulations on launching your blog site. You are a very talented painter, framer and good personal friend. I can tell those of you who don't know Helen that it is well worth a visit to her website to view her paintings. But I can also tell you that the pictures on there do not do justice to them. Helen and I worked together at a frame shop for many years and I was always awestruck when she would bring in her originals for framing. Such talent and originality!!
Best of luck to you in all you do. Lana

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Thanks, Helen, and congratulations on getting started. The more you blog, the more people will visit!