Friday, May 11, 2007

The Artist/Mother

It seems appropriate today, Mother's Day, to dedicate this blog to all the artists who also juggle motherhood:
  • Celebrate the dried out palette...because bathtime was playtime....again!
  • Celebrate the fine ,delicate line gone astray...because your toddler barreled into you with unbridled enthusiasm and hugs.
  • Celebrate the "ah-ha" moment of your painting when your brooding teen deemed it necessary to comment " Is THAT a color?"
  • Celebrate the quiet of a just cleaned kitchen table on which you placed your painting...dreaming of a studio.
  • Celebrate...overhearing your children say "That's my Mom,she's an artist!"

Celebrate your children....your greatest work of art!

Thank you, Stacy, Jessica and Lindsay...with love, Mom

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